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These are just thoughts I have published or kept around from in the past

20 February 2021

Dealing with change: institutional exceptionalism and isomorphic mimicry

The ways in which we can be wrong in considering calls for improvement in institutions

31 October 2020

Ambitious Leadership

What goes into leading a collective towards a goal much greater than themselves, and what to watch out for.

09 August 2015

The Future of Elections in the Internet Age

The surprising role technology is set to play in elections

31 July 2014

Digital India: Caught between languages

The role of regional languages in the Indian internet ecosystem

28 February 2011

Whats wrong with web related education in India?

What does the Web mean for the future of Indian technical education?

10 November 2010

Reach: Accessibility in India and the challenges we still face

How can we make technology better for all of us?

Shwetank Dixit

I've founded a startup that I'm working on now (currently in stealth).

Nowdays, I mostly talk about products, product management, leadership and org design.

Previously, I worked as VP of Core Technology (Products) at eyeo. Before that, my stints include working at BarrierBreak as Head of Accessibility Innovation and Research, and at Opera, where I worked in their Developer Relations team and later took over at PM of the Browser Extensions platform

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