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I just viewed this video which described USA’s distorted world view when it comes to the news. It really is no surprise, yet when I saw such a graphical representation of it, it somehow made me feel perturbed.

It also brings up the question: How much relevance do we give to each country in terms of news quantity? Just because China as a billion people doesn’t mean that an interesting news event in Mozambique shouldn’t be published instead. How do journalists gauge which news story is relevant and which isn’t?In the video we learn that the world (other than USA and Iraq) is covered literally only 1% of the time. Instead the media over there spends time covering Anna Nicole Smith’s death and Britney Spears. One of the factors that I overlooked was because it was simply cheaper to do it rather than spending on foreign bureaus.

Slimy paparazzi are easier and cheaper to find than honest and courageous journalists. Sadly, this is beginning to even happen in India. I would say that 90% of the news on Indian television is basically horse shit. These news channels are even hosting stand up comedy and quiz shows. Why? Because it is much cheaper to make a guy do stand up and film him for half an hour than do some serious investigative journalism.

There was a time when reporting could bring down presidents. Now they can’t even write their own stories.

Thumnail Attribution: Karlfrankowski

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